The top-rated Reading escorts services

This week the Better Sex Guide will launch its “What is your pleasure series.” We will be taken a look at various escorts services across the country and find out why some gents prefer to date in certain areas. After the success of the Swingfield festival this weekend, more and more people are interested in escorts and what they do for a living. Reading is now a trendy place for dating escorts, and Reading escorts services are top-rated, but why do so many gents enjoy dating Reading escorts? It is what the Better Sex Guide would like to know more.


Reading escorts services have been open for a few years now and is getting more and more popular. A lot of men who used to date escorts in London are now using Reading escort services. Alan, a regular user of the local escorts services in Reading, says that the girls are just as hot and sexy as the babes in London. According to Alan, this is probably one of the main reasons local men have started to use the reading girls’ service. Alan says there is little or no point to travel up to London now you can date local hot babes.

Another user of Reading escorts, Mike, says that the service offers an excellent combination of escorts. Everything you need is there, and you can even duo date through the agency. I have done that a couple of times and have enjoyed the time of my life. All of the girls that I have met through Reading escort services are always fresh, and I like that. They greet you at the door with a beautiful big smile on their face and are still friendly. That makes a huge difference when you are a single guy who dates a lot.

Hourly rates are another factor that comes into play as well. Regular dater and a big fan of Reading escort services, Joe, says that he always now arrange longer dates. There is no need to rush, says Joe, it is comfortably affordable for most gents to arrange an appointment over two hours. You don’t have to be on your guard and listen to the clock ticking away. Instead, you can relax and enjoy a bit of sexy companionship for a more extended time. It wants we all need after a long week at work.

Local escorts services such as Reading escorts from are becoming easier to find, and local men are certainly making the most of them. The adult entertainment industry has lost a lot of ground in recent years, but escorts services around the UK seem to be thriving. Unique services such as escorts for couples and duo dating are now more popular than ever and goes to prove how versatile the industry can be. With modern-day escorts services such as Reading, there is something there for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy a personal one-on-one date or something a little bit more interesting.

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