Some petite companionship – London escorts

My name is Lilly, and I am one of the most exciting petite escorts that you can find in London. London never used to be famous for its petite girls, but all of that has changed now. The ladies in places like Paris have grown large for gents liking, and if you are looking for some petite companionship, London is perhaps the best place to visit now. That is if you like hot escorts.

Now, I can be your naughty little schoolgirl with my pigtails and ice cream, or I can be the more sophisticated petite lady if you like. We can go out on the town, or stay at home to close the door. It is up to you what you would like me to do, and believe me, just like so many other petite escorts in London like, I am happy to do anything for you. How does that sound?

Do you like to play? I love to play, and I get a real kick out of playing with an elegant gent like you. Some of the girls here at the agency are not as playful as I am, but I guess that does not matter to you. After all, you are after hooking up with a petite escort. There is something special about us petite escorts. We seem to be able to stay more playful and want to have more fun for longer. Is that your sort of thing? If you’re going to play in London tonight, there is only one number you need to call, and that is my number.

I love balloons, and you will find that my boudoir is full of them. They are exceptional balloons. If you look a little closer, you will find that every aircraft has a card attached to its string. When you come to see me, I will ask you to pick a balloon and read the card. The card will tell you what your treat is tonight. I hope that you will like it and get ready to have some fun with me. It may seem silly at first, but our petite escorts in London want to be a little bit silly. But then again, isn’t that part of the beauty of dating petite girls like myself?

When I started to escort, I was not sure that it was going to be for me. So many other girls seemed to want to ridicule me for being a petite escort. Now I am the one having the last laugh. Many of the girls have not realized it yet, but I am doing very much better than them. If you are looking for a hot date tonight and would like to date a hot London escort, give me a call here at petite escorts of London, and we will get together to have some serious adult fun. How does that sound to you?

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