It is better to be alone and become a Woolwich Escort.

Choosing a single life is not hard when you are happy with yourself. I believe that you have to love yourself first before you can like someone else. Loving someone when you are not ready yet is unfair, not just you are fooling yourself, but you allow another person to assume with your love.


It was a bad idea that I agreed to become a girlfriend out of pity. I think he sacrificed a lot without asking it to him. I see how he puts an effort to please me. I told her many times that I am not ready yet, but he insisted that we will work if I try to love him. It took him many years to court me, many of my friends advised him to stop or even my parents, but he is determined to prove that his love is genuine and he can make me fall in love with him. Nikko is not hard to love; perhaps there are lots of girls chasing to him because he is a good looking and masculine man. Even, gays look up to him, but he still chose me. He got many chances to turn his love for other people, but he is constant and loyal to me. Nikko is a good person, a gentleman and a breadwinner to the family.


We are not wealthy, my parents were just a typical citizen and had not finished college. Perhaps they are my inspiration in life because I can see how they work hard to earn money and send me to school. I am also a scholar, so it is fewer fees. I am also a working student, after class, I go immediately to the restaurant and do my job. I am a crew in a fast food chain, and the wage I get is very helpful for me. I am so happy that even though we are poor, we still managed to smile and dream. My only wish is to finish the study and help my parents financially. I want them to give a happy and comfortable life. I have no time for love and focus on my only goal in life. I want to take responsibility for myself to lightens my parent’s burdens.


Their wages are so little for rent, electricity bills, water bill, food, etc. Nikko did everything for me, even in some of the school fees he paid for me. I don’t want him to be sad, and so I agreed to be his girlfriend. I enter myself into a relationship I am not sure about. I want to be honest with him and do not want to be unfair, and even it is painful I told him the truth. We only lasted for two months because I can’t afford to fool him for so long. I broke up with him, and after college, I became a Woolwich Escort of I slowly reach our dreams in life as a family. It is better to be alone and become a Woolwich Escort

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