If love is a source of happiness, it can also be a source of sadness.

Many happy couples have continued love. Relationships are like a newborn baby; you have to give more attention and time to grow it healthy. You have to make sure that you don’t lack anything to your partner if you want a long-lasting relationship. A real relationship has arguments, but it’s also a test to you and your partner how strong your love is for each other. Love should never give up for only opinions; it should be discussed and fixed. Most couple’s reasons for heart-breaks are cheating, lying, no time, etc. But if some people have passed those reasons, why could you? Perhaps, you don’t love the person so much, because true love never breaks and you will have that one reason it shouldn’t.

My name is Maysie, from Chicago. I don’t have a comfortable life, but I have a complete and supportive family on my side. They are always with me during the robust and comfortable journey of my life. We are just an ordinary residence here, and we work hard for our living. My parents are factory workers, and they can send me to school despite that. I am the kind of girl who believes in those fairy tales and waiting for my prince charming for a long time. I love to write love stories and make my characters. I wish someday; I could be that princess too. When I was still a kid, I have a childhood puppy love, and he is our neighbor. After preschool, his family moved to New Zealand, and until now, I am still waiting for his comeback. It was summer, and it’s my twentieth birthday, I never expected it to happen, when Zeus finally came home. He surprises me with a giant teddy bear and flowers. And that was my happiest birthday, at night we talk about our life after preschool and updating each other. And we also make out of love that night. When we woke up, he said he likes me, and we became a couple. I thought, he means what he says until I opened his cellphone that he already has a girlfriend.

I don’t know what to do but ran away. And timing, my aunt came home from Upton Park and decided to go with her and find job opportunities there. To forget my first-heartbreak, I focus on my work as an Upton Park Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/upton-park-escorts, and eventually, I ignore him and the memories. I have loved my job, and until now, I’m still an Upton Park escort, happy and contented.

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