Guide to Eating her UP

Eating the pussy is a sure way to get a woman to climax and keep her coming back for more. However, it takes a bit of skill to be able to do it right. You need to know your way around her body, and when and how to go for the pussy said by the girls from Holloway Escorts from

This is a guide to teach you how to eat the pussy right and become her king of the castle. Kiss her as you remove her clothes: Kissing plays an important part in getting her pussy ready. Kiss her softly as you take off her top, run your fingers over her back and shoulders as you let your fingers tease her lower back just above the butt crack, where the spinal code ends said by the girls from Holloway Escorts.

While looking at her eyes, tilt her head a bit to the side and start to kiss her neck slowly heading towards the collar bone said by the girls from Holloway Escorts. Kiss her along the collar bone and then go for her ears as well. Don’t forget that the body has nerve endings all over, and at this point everywhere you touch her at is going to feel like a mini electric shock.

Tease her: Keep on playing with her body, kiss and touch her everywhere, but don’t yet go for the pussy. Slowly lick her from her ankles to her inner thighs and just run one finger over the pussy to raise anticipation said by the girls from Holloway Escorts. Wait until you can fill her arching her back and tingling then you can push the panties to the side and lick the sides of the pussy for a while then make your way back up as she tingles with desire.

Remove the panties: When you get to the boobs, play with them and then slide your hand down to play with the pussy as you slide the panties off, by now she will be dying and might even help you remove them.

Eat that pussy: It is time for the main course, this is how to eat the pussy; lick it from down, up starting at the bottom of the slit until the top where you will feel a hump. That hump is the clitoris, pay attention to it, give it several licks and suck on it gently, watch and listen to her body as you lick her pussy, it will tell you if you’re doing a good job said by the girls from Holloway Escorts. If you cannot tell, do not be ashamed to ask, and eat the pussy like she tells you to till she climaxes.

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