Getting away with a cheater husband – Wembley escort

I thought it was a good choice for me to marry my husband but it ended up terribly between us. Sometimes one of the best things you could ever do to yourself is staying away with people who continuously hurt your feelings all the way. There are no words of the great feeling that i had today right after i broke up with my ex-husband. I was beaten a couple of times, and besides i caught him cheating on me. I’m so glad that I’m able to overcome my fears that i can live life without him at all. We have four children’s that he is obliged to support but for me i will find work to enable to give my children’s need. Being independent also makes me a stronger person. I am who i am today because of the people who support me and been there for me always. I am thankful of my family who never quitted on me after all. Love is not about becoming slave, its about making your partner happy. I never felt that five years after i married my husband, all along i was hurt and cry all night. it was not an easy thing for me after all. All i did is support him and agreed with him all the time. He continued his bad deeds almost every day of our married life. And even bring his mistress at home that triggers me to stand for my right as a mom and wife. I won’t let this person influence our children’s that is why at that very moment i walked away. We separated, and i started to look for work. I’ve applied many jobs and thankfully an escort agency found me. I got the chance to show my talent as a Wembley escort from I find the salary is good and enough for us to start again. I have to work hard for me to raise my children and give them a good life. I started to love my new workplace. It was fun being with other people, and spending time with them. It also helps me to become a new person, i started to love my new life and move on from the past. I remember the hard times that i had with my ex-husband. I am truly glad that this opportunity came up in me because it helps me to begin a better life. Being single is not that bad at all. To all single moms out there who doubts there capabilities to raised their children’s without the support of their husband, my words to them is to be brave enough to walk away if it can’t be handle anymore. I am now happy of what i have achieved right now. For me the best that i ever done is to ditch my abusive husband. It gives me peace and joy that i longed for many years. I also prove that i can make a living without the help of my ex-husband.

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